Joseline Hernandez Speaks On Stevie J

Joseline Hernandez Speaks On Stevie J

Joseline Hernandez Speaks On Stevie J

Here are the highlights:

She talks  with Nicki Minaj. They’ve spoken a few times and Nicki supports her.

Feels like motherhood made her a better person, but she’s still the same Joseline. She still likes girls.

She has a lot of help with Bonnie from her family. She now lives in Miami, so Stevie doesn’t really see her too much.

She wasn’t really bothered by Stevie Question Paternity because they weren’t in a relationship when Bonnie was conceived. They were broken up, but hooked up one time, and that’s how she got pregnant.

She not really into guys like that. She’s more so into girls. It takes a lot for a guy to get her.

She never smashed Dro.

She never said out of her mouth that Stevie molested Eva.

She and Stevie had been through a lot, and she has apologized to him for some of the things she has said about him during their bad times, but she’s in a better place and she’s leaving that in the past.

She’s not ashamed of the infamous video of her free-styling in the studio (seemingly high). If Bonnie grows up and sees that or any of the things that she’s done in the past and feels a way about it, she’s going to explain to her that she was young and just living her life but she’s raising Bonnie to be understanding. Bonnie is going to have a better life, and she’s going to be the opposite of Joseline.

She broke down crying over how she was portrayed on Love and Hip Hop the last few seasons. They don’t show her growth, the only show what she’s done in the past. That’s why she walked away.

She gets royalties for everyone who walks on the set of Love and Hip Hop. That’s apparently how she did her contract.

She’s returning to STAR.

She doesn’t feel a way about Cardi B’s music career popping while hers isn’t. She’s happy for Cardi and she feels that everything happens for people at their own time.

Basically admitted to doing coke in the past. She no longer does heavy drugs, but she does smoke weed when she has her “me time”.

She’s learned to calm down more now that she’s a mother.

She doesn’t blame Stevie for her drug use, because she was around drugs before she got with Stevie.

She’s going to let her fans decide if she should return to Love and Hip Hop.

Would consider doing L&HH: Miami because she has real friends that are going to be on that show.

She never beat up Karlie Redd at a Charity event. She likes Karlie.

Strongly hinted that she was currently engaged to the man that she’s been posting recently. She kept showing this huge ring on her finger. She feels that she’s ready to settle down and get married.

Her ideal relationship would be with a man and a woman.

Her “Fiance” knows that she likes women, but they haven’t had a threesome yet. He’s not really pressed for it. It would mainly be for her.

She likes giving and receiving oral from women.

If she’s with a woman, she’s the “man” in the situation. She’s never used a strap before, but wants to.

Stevie J’s daughter is 21 not 18, and she’s grown enough to know what’s coming out of her mouth. If she comes for her, Joseline will come back at her. She’s going to give respect where respect is due. She feels that his daughter should respect her as the mother of her baby sister.
*Joseline prayed.

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